All pets not intended for breeding should be surgically spayed/neutered for several important reasons. In addition to improved health and behavior resulting from this surgery, you will be doing your part to reduce the numbers of unwanted pets.

The Benefits

Females: Spaying – OvariohysterectomyMales: Neutering – Castration
Prevents signs of estrus (heat)Reduced prostatic disease
 Prevents blood stains on carpet from heat  cycleTesticular disease is eliminated
Decreases chance of mammary tumorsDecreases desire to roam
Eliminates chance of cystic ovariesDiminishes odor of tom cat urine
Eliminates chance of uterine infectionDecreases aggression
Prevents mammary development (if done  early)Reduces spraying and marking
No unwanted pregnancies or offspringEliminates undesirable sexual behavior


  • Your pet will not become obese because of this surgery. Diet, exercise and heredity have much more influence on the weight and attitude of your pet.
  • Surgery is recommended by the time your pet is six months old, but it can be done at any age.
  • Surgery is performed painlessly while your pet is under general anesthesia. Surgical risk is minimal. Most pets go home the same day. Post-surgical pain is managed with medication.

Travel to the Veterinarian

If you have an anxious kitty or had one in the past and would like to avoid dreadful trips to the veterinarian please see this video created by the CATalyst Council at .