Interesting HAPPY Story. This is Snuggles. Snuggles came out of the shelter in Ramona, a sweet long haired orange girl. One day I noticed that she was looking somewhat heavy, and growing. I then became convinced that she was pregnant (even though she came with a spay certificate.) She continued to get bigger, but I became really concerned that she was not making any milk. I made arrangements to get her to my vet, who wanted to do an ultrasound to see if the kittens were healthy. He called me not too long after I dropped her off, with devastating news. She was not pregnant. She had a huge, rapidly grown tumor. He recommended euthanasia, particularly in light of how fast it was growing, but he asked that he be given a chance to put her under anesthesia to confirm his diagnosis. Once he got in there, he found a tumor the size of a child’s football, but it had no blood supply! Official diagnosis: Adenocarcinoma and it weighed THREE POUNDS!. He decided to try to remove it and save her life. He later reported to me that within moments of coming out of anesthesia, she was purring and grooming herself! This was just amazing. Something to be shared with vet buddies, complete with pictures. He decided to keep her in his office, partly to keep a close eye on her, and partly because everyone in his office fell in love with her. So, for some months, she was an “office kitty”, with no signs of the tumor returning. We won’t know for certain, of course, that it won’t come back, and this makes her pretty unadoptable. But, to my delight, one of the staff at the vet’s office was smitten with her, and was willing to take the risk. Snuggles, now Emma, is living with her very own family now, has her very own kids to sleep with and play with, and is doing so well.
This fabulous and caring vet, who did all of her treatment completely free of charge (because he has a HUGE heart and is compassionate and giving of his time and resources to rescue) is Christopher Frier, at Camino Animal Clinic in Thousand Oaks, CA
Snuggles, now named Emma was adopted by Anat, a vet technician at Camino. The clinic is on Facebook, although I’m not sure how to link to it here. They deserve everyone’s support in the rescue community. (He is a dog guy, too.)


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