Ticks and Fleas

tick_lifecycleTicks can spread disease and, in heavy infestations, can cause anemia from blood loss. These diseases include tick fever (ehrlichiosis), Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Lyme disease. Lyme disease is the most prevalent of these diseases in California. Symptoms of all three diseases include fever, listlessness, anemia, weight loss, unexplained bleeding, seizures, joint pain and poor appetite. Prevention of tick infestation is the primary means of controlling these diseases, but treatment is available. Topical tick control products like Frontline Plus kill ticks once they latch on and begin consuming blood. There is also a yearly Lyme vaccine to prevent transmission of such blood-borne diseases.




flea_Just one flea can cause an allergic reaction over your entire pet’s body. Fleas can be prevented by using a monthly topical treatment like Advantage or Frontline Plus. These products kill not only the adult fleas, but also fleas in various stages of development to break the cycle of hatching fleas.